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 • I L L U S T R A T O R  • & M O R E
Yo.  I'm a Junior Designer @ Penguin Random House. Freelance clients include Netflix, Sony Music, and 300 Entertainment. 
This is my come up.👇🏽
Translating narratives to visually arresting pieces, Winona employs a modern, moody style influenced by anime+mangapop-horror, hip-hopjazz, and rock music . Whether drawing detailed illustrations or laying clean type, Winona aims to transcend the limits of known language through art.
As a young fine artist, Winona trained classically with Visual Arts Center in Maryland. Later, while attending St. John's University in New York on academic and athletic scholarships, Winona's passion for music was noticed by Sony Music Entertainment and helped reimagine Arista Recordings. During this time, Winona also worked at the Japanese talent agency FAKE STAR, USA, improving communications and merchandising before graduating in May 2019.
But Winona's industry work began years before that.
At the age of  14, Winona began leading the #1 visual rock webzine VKH Press (formerly known as Visual Kei Heaven). Winona expanded the company's network to labels such as Avex Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Universal Music Japan, and Warner Bros. Records.
When not visualizing or writing about the sound of music, Winona advocates for its globalization as a member of The Recording Academy. Winona can also be found uplifting fellow marginalized professionals, training as an Olympic hopeful, and chasing dreams.
Wanna link up? I'm open to  coffee, commissions, and freelance work. Plz find my contact info below.